Friday, June 18, 2010

Munich back on top of the world

RANKINGS. Some say they are meaningless, but I can’t help to like all those ranking lists of the best cities in the world.
Yesterday the summer issue of Monocle arrived in my mail with its yearly “Liveable cities index”. An old winner is back on top.
Munich, the well-connected and well-to-do modern metropolis of Bavaria, finished first in Monocle’s initial ranking in 2007 and is number one again this year.
From its excellent airport and public transportation (the metro, right) to the lovely summer beer gardens, Munich is a place to feel good about.
Copenhagen is in second place, just like three years ago. In the four Monocle rankings so far, the likeable Danish capital has finished 2-1-2-2.
The only new entry on Monocle’s top 25 list this year is Portland, the U.S. West Coast city that promotes bikes and public transportation ahead of cars. The Oregon city is in 22nd place.
Monocle’s top ten liveable cities 2010 (2009):
01. Munich, Germany (4)
02. Copenhagen, Denmark (2)
03. Zürich, Switzerland (1)
04. Tokyo, Japan (3)
05. Helsinki, Finland (5)
06. Stockholm, Sweden (6)
07. Paris, France (8)
08. Vienna, Austria (7)
09. Melbourne, Australia (9)
10. Madrid, Spain (12)