Tuesday, May 04, 2010

New Metro line hailed, despite messy streets

COPENHAGEN. People in the Danish capital will have to endure some messy streets the next eight years, while a new circular Metro line is being constructed. Work is now under way in several locations and visitors to the city will have to expect disturbances.
Guests at luxury Hotel D’Angleterre, the city’s premier hotel, will have a view of a construction site on Kongens Nytorv in front of the hotel for quite some time.
To compensate for this, they can visit at a new multimedia installation called “The Wall” on Kongens Nytorv, where you take an interactive tour through the history of Copenhagen on a giant plasma screen.
At “The Wall” results of the ongoing extensive archaeological excavations in connection with construction of the new Metro will also be presented. Visitors to “The Wall” are also invited to write comments and upload their own photos and films of Copenhagen.
This diversion might help people forget some of the construction mess, but the Copenhageners in general seem to take the disturbances in stride. They are happy for the new Metro and even voted it “Plan of the Year” in daily newspaper Politiken recently.
“A step closer to an underground like in big cities like London or Paris! A brilliant plan with an extension of public transportation in the midst of all talk of climate change and environmental consciousness. Now both nature and people will be happier”, wrote one reader in a comment to the Metro plan.
Copenhagen is, however, a long way from having a big city Metro system. The Copenhagen Metro, which first opened in 2002, now consists of only two lines and 22 stations. The new circular Metro line, which actually will consist of two lines, will add another 17 stations and great improvements in Copenhagen public transportation.
The new Metro will improve connections at the Central Station and along popular tourist routes. It will also make travel much easier between several parts of the city when it opens in 2018.
There have been some protests against locations of some of the new stations, for instance on the outskirts of the famous Assistens cemetery where some graves are being moved to give place for a new station.
The Copenhagen Metro is clean and has a fleet of modern, driver-less trains. It was recently awarded the title “World’s Best Metro” at an international event for the underground travel industry.

Messy streets, a price Copenhagen pays for a extended Metro service.

Viewing Copenhagen's history on "The Wall".

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