Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Danish capital puts focus on pedestrians

COPENHAGEN. The city known as the bicycling capital of the world will now aim to become a pedestrian’s paradise as well.
Not that Copenhagen is a bad place to walk around. Here you will find the famous Strøget (below), one of the original pedestrian streets of the world, nice parks and regenerated harbour fronts perfect for a pleasant stroll.
But now politicians in Copenhagen’s City Hall want to take walking in the Danish capital a step further by introducing a Pedestrian Strategy with the goal to increase walking with 20 percent by 2015.
“Copenhagen has long had a strategy for the bicyclists, public transportation and car traffic. But pedestrian traffic has been overlooked and therefore it is now necessary to have a strategy that will get more Copenhageners to walk more. It is both healthy to walk and it doesn’t pollute, but it also helps create more urban life”, says Bo Asmus Kjeldgaard, Mayor of the City’s technical and environmental administration to daily Berlingske Tidende.
The Pedestrian Strategy will be completed by this summer and City Hall expects that concrete measures to improve walking could be introduced in 2011.
Some of the things that could be expected are improved conditions for pedestrians going to and from public transit stops and more connected walking routes and short cuts throughout the city. Tunnels with inadequate lighting, and increased security for pedestrians are other areas that could see improvement in the future.
The new Pedestrian Strategy will also be part of the planning for all new developments in the city.
Since this blog puts some focus on the friendly battle between Copenhagen and Swedish capital Stockholm over which city is the most liveable and eco-friendly, we note that the new comprehensive plan for Stockholm that was adopted recently was headlined “The Walkable City”.

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