Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Danish capital aims for Expo 2022

COPENHAGEN. The City of Copenhagen has now officially asked the Danish government to prepare a candidature for hosting the world Expo in 2022.
The city plans for the Expo to be a showcase for a planned new sustainable district called Nordhavnen, a CO2-neutral futuristic development under way on a huge, derelict port area just outside the city center. This sustainable new city district is expected to house 40,000 residents and 40,000 workplaces. Read more about it here.
“With an Expo we can hold on to the brand that Copenhagen got in connection with COP15 (the UN Climate Conference in December 2009) and show that Copenhagen can be a laboratory for development of big city solutions for CO2-goals locally and globally”, says Copenhagen’s new mayor Frank Jensen to Danish daily Berlingske Tidende.
“Such a showcase would also secure growth and export possibilities. After Nordhavnen in Copenhagen, the next step can be New York or Tokyo for implementing climate friendly solutions.”
If the plan comes through, Copenhagen would aim for a smaller version of the world Expo that would run for three months and attract 5-10 million visitors.
This year’s Expo in Shanghai, which will open in May, is a six month mega-event expected to be visited by 70 million people.

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Copenhagen's Nordhavnen as it may look when its time for Expo 2022.

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