Thursday, March 25, 2010

Copenhagen Metro "the world's best"

TRANSPORTATION. Copenhagen’s sleek, driverless Metro has been chosen the best in the world at the leading international event for the industry.
The Danish capital got two to prizes at the MetroRail 2010, held in London. Besides being picked as the best Metro overall, before London, Madrid, São Paulo and Seoul, Copenhagen also got a first price in the “Best Driverless Metro” category.
“This Metro has delivered incredibly high levels of passenger satisfaction; with 2009 being a record year in terms of service availability. The technological innovation demonstrated with regard to safety and security, as well as the ambitious plans for future expansion ensures this Metro is truly a world leader”, says the motivation for the winner.
Copenhagen’s Metro is a relatively small and new service opened in 2002. It consists of only two lines, connecting new developments and the international airport on the island Amager with the rest of the city. It has 22 stations.
A new city circle line will be built, serving 17 stations. It is scheduled for opening in 2018.

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