Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A new "Flatiron" for a denser city

STOCKHOLM. The famous Flatiron Building on Manhattan has a new, distant relative in the Swedish capital Stockholm.
In a city expanding through increased density, developer Skanska found a minimal space between a street and the railroad tracks near the central station and decided to use it for an unusual office project.
The result is an 8-story office building inspired by one of New York’s most admired landmarks.
In a presentation of the project, head architect Inga Varg of Rosenberg Arkitekter says that the big challenge was to “design a building for a site that actually didn’t exist”.
The Stockholm Flatiron is located at Norra Bantorget, where Skanska recently built the Clarion Sign Hotel, the largest hotel in Stockholm. The new Flatiron will be completed next month.
The project could symbolize a trend in Stockholm, where developers are looking for any open or derelict piece of land that could be used to further densify the city.
The original Flatiron Building on Fifth Avenue and Broadway in New York was designed by famous architect and urban planner Daniel Burnham in the beaux-arts style and completed in 1902. It has since inspired similar buildings in a number of cities.

On a minimal space near the railroad tracks, Stockholm gets a "Flatiron".

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