Friday, February 12, 2010

Dutch pay the price of bicycle success

TRANSPORTATION. The Dutch love their bicycles and Amsterdam is seen as one the biking capitals of the world.
But now more and more cyclists in the Netherlands are paying a price for their healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Dutch cities are running out of parking space for bicycles, especially at train stations, reports NRC Handelsblad online.
In Amsterdam alone, some 45,000 bicycles were forcibly removed from overflowing parking spaces last year, up 6,000 from the year before. The picture is the same in most Dutch cities.
Estimates say that 170,000 cyclists will be looking for parking near train stations by 2020, but currently planned infrastructure only counts 70,000 spaces by then.
Bicycle removal teams collect bikes that are left outside designated parking spaces, often clogging streets and walkways, and take them to municipal bicycle depots where owners can collect them.

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