Monday, January 18, 2010

Nordic cities dominate Green City Index

ENVIRONMENT. With more than 50 percent of the world’s population living in urban areas, producing 80 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions, it is clear that the future global environment depends very much on how cities and their leaders and inhabitants act.
Fortunately, positive steps are taken on a city level, while national leaders continue to find details to disagree on at the global level.
In a study assessing the environmental impact of Europe’s major cities, four Nordic capitals dominate the European Green City Index. Danish capital Copenhagen tops the list just before its Swedish counterpart Stockholm. Norwegian capital Oslo is in third place, while Helsinki in Finland is in seventh place.
The research project, which rates and measures environmental performance of 30 leading European cities from 30 countries, is conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit and is sponsored by Siemens. Read more here.
Top ten cities in the overall ratings were: Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Vienna, Amsterdam, Zürich, Helsinki, Berlin, Brussels and Paris.

Smart waste management in Stockholm.

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