Monday, January 18, 2010

Looking for visions of the urban future

BACKGROUND. My name is Anders Steinvall. I’m a veteran Swedish journalist and editor with an interest in cities and their ambitions for the urban future.
I spent 22 years as a reporter and editor at the Dagens Nyheter, the leading national newspaper of Sweden, where I covered everything from Olympic Games to international conflicts. I worked as a foreign correspondent in Moscow during the turbulent years when the Soviet Union fell apart.
I have also been executive editor of a local newspaper in Northern Sweden. I now work as a freelance writer.
Over the years I have visited more than a hundred major cities around the world, on assignment or as a tourist. I enjoy taking long walks in the urban jungle more than anything else.
With so much of the world’s future depending on how cities act and develop, I’ve become more and more interested in the visions of city leaders, planners, architects and others who shape the urban landscape we live in.
That led me to writing this blog. I hope you will find it worth reading.

Urban future in the great crystal ball...

...called Cloud Gate in Chicago's Millennium Park.

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