Friday, January 29, 2010

Congestion charges expected to rise

STOCKHOLM. Regional planners in the Swedish capital foresee a need for a steep rise in congestion charges if climate goals are to be reached, reports Stockholm daily Svenska Dagbladet today.
The present maximum daily charge, or congestion tax, of 60 crowns (6 Euros or 8 US dollars) must be nearly tripled before 2030, according to estimates from the Office of Regional Planning if goals to reduce traffic and CO2-emissions are to be reached.
The estimates are part of the new Regional Development Plan for the Stockholm Region, called RUFS 2010, to be adopted later this spring.
Congestion tax was introduced on a permanent basis in Stockholm in August 2007. Drivers pay a charge, varying through the day with a maximum daily charge, for entering and exiting a zone surrounding central Stockholm.
The purpose is to reduce traffic and improve the environment of central Stockholm.

A pay-station with automatic number plate recognition.

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