Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Cities are in a profound transformation"

URBAN PLANNING. In an interview for the latest issue of Metropolis Magazine, prominent Toronto architect and urban designer Ken Greenberg talks about the profound transformation he sees going on in cities around the world right now.
“I’m pretty convinced we’re in the midst of a transformation which is probably as profound as what happened immediately after the Second World War, when we got all excited about automobiles and in a sense turned our backs on cities. There are all kinds of things that are propelling this. Some of it has to do with environment; much of it has to do with the cost of energy”, says Greenberg in the interview.
He sees “almost everything” that we have inherited and put into practice in our urban areas after the Second World War now becoming obsolete, which leads to huge tasks for cities reequipping themselves for the future.
“For urban areas, it’s about recycling the huge reserves of obsolescent industrial land in the hearts of cities, about cities growing much denser than we had ever anticipated, finding all kinds of solutions for rewiring them, for introducing new sustainable infrastructure, for consuming less energy. It touches on pretty much every aspect of life”, says Greenberg in the Metropolis Magazine story.
He mentions Stockholm and Copenhagen, cities he recently visited, as examples of places that are “five or ten years” ahead of North American counterparts on the way to the future.

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