Monday, January 18, 2010

Certain notebooks and other stuff I like

BACKGROUND. Sometimes I feel like a character out of the popular blog Stuff White People Like, a satirical look at the overambitious, conscious, modern city dweller. The list of observations hits right on target in more ways than I would like to admit.
I enjoy living by the water (stuff #51), in an on-going harbour development of the kind you will find in most cities located by a lake or the sea. As a journalist I have been travelling (#19) the world for over 30 years, occasionally taking notes in a Moleskine notebook (#122).
I’m taking a year off (#120), sort of, at a point in my professional life when it’s time to finally do some things that I really enjoy. One of those pleasures is seeing exciting architecture (#34) and cities revitalized through careful gentrification (#73).
I like America (#114) and last October when I visited Chicago I finally got a chance to go to Wrigley Field (#30) for a baseball game. Even though I have no reason threatening to move to Canada (#75) I wouldn’t mind being part of the great diversity (#7) in cities like Toronto or Vancouver.
As a journalist rooted in the old media, I enjoy when I get a chance to read the paper version of the Sunday New York Times (#46) while sipping a cup of good coffee (#1) in a neighbourhood café of a world metropolis.
More than enough said. You get the point.

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